Valuable Tips For Writing A Story

In this blog, you will find valuable tips that will help you write an amazing story. It is an art that doesn't come naturally to everyone. But gladly by following simple tips and tricks, you can write a story like a pro. Just practice the following tips while writing a story.


The environment of the story

From the beginning of the story, it is important that you describe the environment in which it is taking place. Remember that in story writing you are never telling the story but always showing it. Showing part requires describing the minute details of the surrounding i.e. house, city, bedroom and mood of the characters in the story, from their expressions to their dialogues tones. All these details create the environment of the story.


Character can never be perfect

Like in real life people are not perfect, similarly, in every story, your characters can have only qualities. Even the most positive character should have flaws. Combination of both qualities and flaws make characters appealing. Their personality flaws increase or decrease the tension in the stories.


Develop relatability

Every character should be designed in such a way that he becomes relatable. Like in real life personality traits become the reason for incidents, introduce incident that is a result of personality traits. For example, a kind natured lady gets cheated due to her quality of expecting good from everyone. Or some nosy man gets into trouble due to his curious nature.


Write fearlessly

Often in writing stories, your initial plan regarding story plot can take a different turn that you have expected before. Writing is a fluent process, once you start it your pen can take you into different directions. So don't be upset if your pen takes you into a different dimension, don't stop and keep writing fearlessly. As such transitions are normal.

For writing a story in college as an assignment, you can incorporate these tips as they are applicable in every level of story writing. You may search on the browser someone to write my essay for me or story As no one can do your assignment better than you. Incorporate the above tips and write your best story.

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