Arts Essay Writng

What makes an art paper different from other assignments?

Unlike other assignments, your task is to explain the given/selected image by using words. You need to write what you are seeing and justify the analysis of yours to that particular piece of art.

Remember! To write an essay on any piece of art, you must have enough knowledge about the language of crafts.

In short, you must be aware of precepts and terms of art and craft if you ever want to write an essay on arts.

Are you that student too?

Worry not!

Here are some amazing tips that can invoke creativity in writing an A+ worthy paper when It helps you when you think I have to write essay for me on arts


1- Educate Yourself

Remember! If you know nothing about the terms and language of art, then you need to educate yourself first.


Your education regarding the language of art is of utmost importance. It gives you a strong plus in writing essays on the pieces of art.

2- Make a Tiny Mind Map

Create a tiny drawing of the selected/given painting to assist you in seeing the shapes more clearly. Add your general observations, make notes, and elaborate the elements of art like figures, surface plane, texture, light, color, and line.

Make sure you describe what you see about that piece of art and not what you think.

3- The Nutshell

Based on your observations, describe in a nutshell what you have to say regarding that particular piece of art.

Also, mention what does the work of art remind you have and how can it be perceived in various ways.

4- Achievement of the Artist

Mention what the artist has achieved in that particular piece of art. Mentioning It again, make sure you evaluate your work according to what you see not what you’re thinking.

5- Organize Your Essay in Paragraph Format

It will give an amazing impression if your essay is well-structured. Your essay should comprise description, analysis, and evaluation. It should start and end with a powerful statement.


Observation, analysis, and evaluation of the art is not an easy job. It demands creativity and inventiveness.

But by using correct strategies, one can write a remarkable essay on any piece of art for sure. Next time remember the tips

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